At UMILES we are committed to fulfilling our duties in any work or business relationship, taking into account the values, principles and rules that should guide the conduct of the organisation and associated groups. Our aim is to be an ethical and environmentally responsible company. We seek to minimise environmental impact through efficient consumption management and the reduction of waste and emissions. We believe that the integration of social, responsible and sustainable initiatives strengthens us as an organisation and our commitment to society.

Corporate ethics

At UMILES, corporate ethics is the basis for all business actions and decisions. We ensure that our practices not only comply with legal regulations, but also reflect the highest ethical standards.

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Commitment to Integrity

This is established on the basis of a number of standards and principles that we establish as fundamental to the organisation. These include respect for human rights, equal opportunities, data protection and intellectual property and environmental regulations.

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Transparency and Accountability

We foster an open and constant dialogue with our employees, customers, suppliers, institutions and other stakeholders. This approach not only improves decision-making, but also ensures that our practices and policies are understood and shared by all.

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Ethical governance

Is the foundation of our business relationships and operations through the points outlined above.

Principles of action

 Principles of action 

  • Relationship with clients: UMILES builds strong relationships with its customers through transparency and trust, providing clear and truthful information about our products or services, acting with honesty and integrity. In addition, we are involved in the development chain of our products and services so that they are sustainable and safe and satisfy our customers in a responsible manner.
  • Responsibility to employees: At UMILES, we consider it fundamental to respect the dignity of each of our employees. This is essential to building strong corporate integrity, and we are committed to protecting it at all times. As part of our responsibility, we create a working environment based on mutual respect and trust.
  • Environmental responsibility: One of the main advantages of the products and services offered by UMILES is its commitment to the environment. We produce environmentally friendly shows, avoiding waste, and noise pollution, which benefits both people and animals sensitive to noise or explosions. We ensure that all our operations are sustainable and environmentally friendly with efficient consumption management.


  • Work: UMILES promote a positive and productive work environment, providing employees with the necessary tools and resources promoting equity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Health: At UMILES, we prioritise a safe and healthy work environment to improve our products and services, retain talent and minimising workplace risks.
  • Safety: At UMILES, safety is paramount, which is why we have a safety department that ensures that all our operations adhere to the strictest safety standards. We ensure compliance with the regulations in force and work actively to minimise any risk, whether human, material or environmental.

Working to create a more sustainable planet

  • Collaborations: Solidarity action in collaboration with ITAFÁRMACO and Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos de Toledo

During the International Day of the Hospitalised Child at the National Hospital of Paraplegics in Toledo, a drone experience took place, where different patients participated in educational and fun activities, such as flight simulators, FPV races and a drone show. 

  • Donations: Partnerships with the National Food Bank. We strongly believe in the need to ensure that all people have acces to basic necessities and are commited to doing our part to achive this.
  • Sponsorships: Anda Corre con Nosotras (Charity Run) and Mi princesa Rett.

Anda corre con nosotras (Solidarity Race): We promote health, wellbeing and social inclusion. We encourage the participation of women of all ages and fitness levels in an inclusive and motivating environment. 

Mi princesa Rett: Organisation dedicated to supporting people affected by Rett syndrome. This collaboration seeks to raise awareness of the disease, raise funds and support therapies to improve the quality of life of those affected. Its initiatives include the III Cross MTB Militar Solidario ‘El Héroe’ race, the proceeds of which go to the Association. 

Green strategies: A sustainable future

At UMILES, corporate ethics is the foundation that underpins all business actions and decisions. We ensure that our practices not only comply with legal regulations, but also reflect the highest ethical standards.


We encourage attendees at our events to share vehicles in groups of five people, therefore reducing the carbon footprint, reducing traffic and contributing to a cleaner environment. 

Waste Management

We have implemented an advanced recycling system in all our facilities, contributing to a more effective and sustainable waste management.

Recycled Materials

We use recycled cups and plates to minimise our environmental impact.

Sustainable Catering

We prioritise the purchase of food that is not covered in plastic, therefore contributing to the reduction of the use of this material in our events.

Public Transport

We encourage the use of public transport to get to the office and to the events we organise, helping to reduce carbon emissions.

At UMILES, we continue to work to improve our practices and make a positive contribution to the environment. These initiatives reflect our commitment to sustainability and our responsibility towards the environment. We not only contribute to the preservation of the planet, but also foster a conscious and responsible organisational culture.

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