Rescue and Emergency Interventions Rescue and Emergency Interventions 
Rescue and Emergency Interventions Rescue and Emergency Interventions 
Rescue and Emergency Interventions Rescue and Emergency Interventions 
Unmanned aircraft manufactured 100% in Spain

SATURNO is an unmanned aircraft manufactured 100% in Spain. It is designed for the most demanding rescue interventions, as well as security operations in the most hostile environments. SATURNO is the UMILES aircraft created to support the units of the Security Forces and Corps, night surveillance and perimeter security.


Security and rescue drone
100% made in Spain

Drones are extremely useful for surveillance tasks such as perimeter security, protection of large spaces, critical infrastructures, border monitoring, surveillance of agricultural areas, construction, protection of industrial buildings and security of people in residential areas, among others.

One of the great advantages provided by SATURNO is that, being equipped with high-resolution cameras and stabilizers, it is capable of transmitting a very clear image that can even serve as legal evidence in the event of the detection of a crime.

Thanks to the numerous benefits derived from the use of drones, both State Security Forces and private security companies are incorporating unmanned aircraft into their surveillance work, which translates into faster, more efficient, cost-effective and safer work for personnel, who can access complicated or inaccessible places without the risk of direct intervention.

The best
operative for
an operation

Integrated with independent message broadcasting device (walkie-talkie)

On-board computer

Developed based on customer needs.

Sending images in real time

Through a web server with a latency of less than 300 ms, with the option of monitoring it on mobile devices, computers and control centers.

Battery connector

Spark proof, carbon fiber fuselage, corrosion resistance guards, vented system for better heat management

CAN communication

Redundant with open protocols for self-diagnostics and maintenance
preventive control systems on board

Tailor-made and personalized solutions
for safety and emergencies

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