Drone Roof Inspections: The Best Solution for Roof Maintenance

Drones in construction and maintenance work are becoming increasingly important. Thanks to this type of device, it is possible to optimise a series of tasks that previously required a great deal of time and money. Such is the case of roof inspection with drones, which has improved the way in which this activity is currently carried out.

Stay with us in this article and discover everything you need to do roof inspections with drones efficiently.

Advantages of roof surveys with drones

By carrying out roof checks with drones, there are safety, performance and economic benefits to be gained. Below we will list the 4 main benefits of carrying out roof checks and maintenance with drones.

Efficiency and speed

Because of their light weight, compact size and practicality, drones allow detailed deck inspections to be carried out without the need for scaffolding, ladders or heavy aircraft such as helicopters. This reduces the preparation time to access the deck, allowing an effective inspection to be carried out in a very short time.

Access to Inaccessible Places

In some cases, it is not easy for a worker to access the roof, either because it is too steep or because it is made of fragile materials. But with drone roof inspections, it is possible to easily access hard-to-reach areas without special equipment, thanks to the maximum height and distance a drone can fly.

Visual Quality Documentation

Another great advantage of performing deck inspections with drones is that high quality aerial photographs can be recorded, thanks to the high resolution cameras that most professional drones have.

In addition, when conducting inspections with FPV drones, the pilot has the ability to assess in detail each area of the deck in search of affected areas, and determine which ones require more attention.

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Enhanced Security

One of the most important aspects influenced by drones for roof inspections is the safety of workers. Thanks to the use of these unmanned aircraft, it is not necessary for employees to put their safety at risk, as they do not have to do risky work at height. Usually, the presence of several pilots is required to operate the drones, which makes it possible to inspect a large number of areas in a short time and with reduced equipment.

Drone deck checking process

To carry out a roof inspection with drones, the steps to follow are very simple, and we detail them below:

  • The first thing to do is to plan the type of inspection to be carried out, according to the location and type of roof to be inspected.
  • Once the site conditions have been established, you will need to apply for the relevant permits if necessary. Remember that special permits are required to fly certain categories of drones, as is the case for ZEPA, ZEC y LIC Zones.
  • Once everything necessary for the inspection has been prepared, the drone flight can proceed. During the process, the pilot must capture high-resolution photos and videos to record the conditions of the canopy. If you still don’t know how to fly a drone, we invite you to take our professional drone pilot course.
  • After recording the information, the data collected should be analysed in order to determine which areas require attention, improvement or replacement.
  • A report must then be drawn up detailing the results of the drone roof inspection, indicating where there is damage such as: cracks, accumulation of dirt, wear and tear, among other irregularities.
  • Finally, a plan of action should be proposed to make the necessary repairs or maintenance in the specific areas.

This helps the analysis and assessment process to be carried out in an organised manner, allowing quick and efficient solutions to be applied to the areas of the roof that really need them.

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