Local Drone Amateur Meet-Ups

Drone meet-ups of drone enthusiasts, are becoming increasingly popular in Spain. These events offer fans the opportunity to connect with other drone enthusiasts, share knowledge, exchange experiences and, of course, enjoy exciting flying sessions together.

From Madrid to Barcelona, Zaragoza to Cadiz, local drone meetups are attracting a growing community of pilots and followers across Spain. Whether it’s to practice racing drones, learning sessions or practical workshops on topics such as safety, flight regulations and aerial drone filming techniques, these gatherings are a great way to improve your skills as a drone pilot and learn from other members of the community.

In this article we will explore popular drone meetups in different cities and the platforms you can use to connect with other drone pilots in Spain.

Connecting with local drone groups

One of the best ways to join local drone meetups is to connect with online drone groups and communities. Platforms like Facebook, Meetup and Telegram are excellent resources for finding active drone groups in your area.

Simply search for terms like “Quedadas Drones Madrid” or “Quedadas para volar drones en Barcelona” to find local groups that organise regular flying events and social meetings. You can also check drone forums and websites, where you can find information about upcoming meetups and meet other hobby pilots in your area.

Featured drone meetups in different cities

Below, we’re going to list some local drone meetups, to give you an idea of how to connect with other pilots in your area.

Quedadas para volar drones en Barcelona

Drone flying meetups in Madrid:

The Spanish capital is home to numerous drone pilot groups that organise regular meet-ups in parks and designated flying areas. To find other people who share your love of drones and to find out where to meet up, you can use some Whatsapp or Telegram channels like the ones:

In some of these groups it is also possible to find people organising drone meetups in Arroyomolinos, which is a popular destination for local drone fans on the periphery of Madrid, with wide open areas and parks for flying.

Drone flying meetups in Barcelona:

Barcelona has a vibrant drone community, with active groups organising regular meetups in and around the city. If you are interested in joining a community and attending some meetups, you can subscribe to the following Telegram channel:

Zaragoza Drone Meetups:

In Zaragoza, drone enthusiasts can enjoy exciting meetups in local parks and open spaces. If you want to get local drone meetups in Zaragoza, we recommend you to log in to the Meetup platform and keep an eye out for updates on events scheduled in your area.

Cadiz Drone Meetup:

The picturesque city of Cádiz and its surroundings offer excellent opportunities for drone flights, with beautiful sea views and stunning coastal scenery. Although the community is not that large, you can start contacting pilots who are interested in doing local drone meetups in Cadiz by subscribing to the channel:

Drone Meetups in other locations in Spain

Local drone meetups offer a variety of exciting activities for enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels. From free flights in local parks to racing competitions and aerobatics displays, there is something for everyone at these events.

There are a number of interesting locations that often organise these types of activities. You can search for groups or Facebook pages to connect with groups of hobbyists in different locations by searching for “Quedadas drones Lanzarote” or “Quedada Dron Vigo” and find people with similar interests who are willing to create communities and organise local drone meetups in different parts of Spain.

This way you can connect with other enthusiasts, improve your flying skills and explore new areas from a unique perspective, so don’t hesitate to join a meetup near you and take your passion for drones to the next level!


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