UMILES, plays a main role at the wedding of Tamara Falcó and Iñigo Onieva

Enormously grateful to be able to announce that we performed a light show with drones at the most anticipated wedding of the year.

Tamara Falcó and Iñigo Onieva counted on the UMILES business division that is in charge of performing choreographies with drones in the sky. An innovative, sustainable and noiseless option that makes many companies or individuals have it present in many of their evening events.

The couple along with their 400 guests were able to see first hand a drone light show prepared exclusively for them. They were able to see a combination of abstract figures along with figures representing the relationship and love between the two.

The sky was illuminated with 200 drones and they could see figures such as their initials, the silhouette of El Rincon, a 3D heart palpitating, an infinity representing the love there is, among many others. The drone show not only commemorates their union as a couple, but also the symbolism of the Marquisate of Griñón.

A challenge that for Drone Light Show is always possible. It had the whole team in the creation process. From the proposal to the design, including the tests performed at UMILES private airfield.

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