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When choosing a good drone pilot course you have to take into account a number of important requirements. Firstly, to know if the school issues certificates authorized by the official bodies that regulate drone navigation in Spain and Europe, i.e. AESA and EASA.

Secondly, it is important to check if the school offers quality courses focused on opening new career paths for students. In UMILES University we are clear that this is the main purpose of our courses, therefore, we have a range of very interesting training possibilities for those people interested in entering the world of drones or channel their future career in any specialty. Let’s see it in more detail.

Professional Drone Pilot Course

This course is unique in the world and is the most suitable for those who want to become the best drone pilots in a multidisciplinary way, in addition to obtaining all the necessary certifications to fly drones in Spain and the European territory. The approximate duration is 6 to 7 months and is divided into three blocks: 

1st Block: consists of 200 theoretical-practical hours among which is included the radio operator training and the 60 hours of flight practices with drones of different types to obtain the official certifications and to master the flight with any type of UAS.

2nd Block: consists of 280 hours focused on the different areas where the use of these aircraft is present. Starting with advanced drone mechanics. Also included are Technical Inspections and Remote Sensing training, a course specialized in the Audiovisual sector and another in Security and Emergencies.

3rd Block: consists of 40 eminently practical hours, where students will have to execute a real commercial operation for one of our clients, from design and planning to the final resolution.

In total, there are 520 hours of theoretical and practical classes and more than 60 hours of flight with specialized teachers. This training will allow you to fly any type of drone in each of the professional scenarios and be part of the sectors where the demand for pilots continues to grow. As for the payment of the course, we have tailored financing so that the student can provide the training without problems.

Professional specialization courses with drones

In these courses you will be able to specialize in a specific sector with a very high demand for professionals depending on the drone pilot profile:

Industrial Technical Course and Remote Sensing

With this course, you will be able to work in important sectors such as construction, agriculture, topography or engineering. The course consists of 120 hours (approximately 6 weeks) of theoretical and practical classes with maneuvers and flight planning in real scenarios to learn the whole process of a professional operation of these characteristics. The student will perform real operations in photogrammetry, multispectral, remote sensing and thermography.

Security and emergency course (SEM)

The course has a duration of 10 days and consists of 40 hours (6 days of theory and 4 days of practice) in face-to-face classes. The practices range from search and rescue of people, support in fires, terrorist attacks, traffic accidents, tactical support and protection of people. At the end of the course, the student will know how to operate drones in real emergency situations.

Audiovisual specialist course (CEA)

Today’s audiovisual productions constantly need drone pilots to shoot movies, series, advertising or cover events. The Audiovisual Specialist Course (CEA) consists of 40 hours distributed in 10 days (4 days of theory and 6 days of practice) in classroom training mode.

The student will perform real practices as a camera operator with drones, with camera on tripod, gimbal and crane. In addition, they will learn how to design, develop and execute a complete camera shot at a professional level.

Advanced Mechanics Course

In this course, we teach you all about drone design, composition, assembly and calibration for flight. The course consists of 20 days divided into 80 hours of classroom classes, most of them practical. At the end of the course, the student will learn how to assemble, mount and calibrate a professional drone and will perform flight tests of the U-04 model.

STS Professional Course

With this course you will receive the official certificate in the basic levels of drone piloting: A1-A3 and A2. When you finish the training and pass the theoretical and practical exam, you will be able to fly drones in the whole European territory. 

Official Drone Pilot Course

With this course you will be trained to receive the official certificate in each of the levels of drone piloting: A1-A3, A2, STS-ES-01 and STS-ES-02. When you finish the training and pass the theoretical and practical exam, you will be able to fly drones all over Europe. 

The theoretical classes are online so you can study them at home and at your own pace. The practical classes are face-to-face and we adapt to your schedule. In them, a professional will teach you how to fly a drone in our private aerodrome.

At UMILES University we want to train the best professionals in the world, so you will find the drone pilot course that best suits your needs. Remember that all our courses are authorized by AESA and we have professionals with extensive experience in training. In addition, we have the best facilities in Brunete (Madrid), with its own airfield for practices. Contact us for any doubt.

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