Ways to improve a cheap drone

Drones have become a popular tool for professionals, enthusiasts and recreational pilots alike. However, cheaper models often come with limitations in terms of range, image quality and overall functionality. Fortunately, there are several ways to improve a cheap drone and take it to the next level.

In this article, we will explore some modifications and tweaks you can make to boost the performance and flying experience of your budget drone.

Improving autonomy

One of the main limitations of budget drones is their short flight range. To improve this, consider installing higher capacity drone batteries or upgrading the power settings to optimise power consumption. You can also reduce the drone’s weight by eliminating unnecessary accessories or using lighter materials in its construction.

Modification of the remote control

The remote control is another aspect you can improve to get better performance from your drone. You can install larger antennas to increase range and signal stability, or modify the design of the remote control for better ergonomics and comfort during flight.

Modificación del control remoto

Increasing the range of usability

To expand your drone’s capabilities, consider adding features such as GPS and autonomous navigation systems. These add-ons will allow you to make longer and more precise flights, as well as program pre-defined routes for specific missions.

Increase camera range

If your drone has a low-resolution built-in camera, you can improve its performance by installing a higher quality camera or adjusting your existing camera settings to get sharper, more detailed images.

Improved image quality

In addition to improving the camera, you can also work on image stabilisation for smoother, more professional videos and photos. This can be achieved the installation of gimbals or stabilised camera gimbals or by adjusting the flight settings to minimise vibrations and shaking during flight.

You may also want to know that instead of upgrading to a cheap drone, you can opt to buy a mini drone that has an excellent camera. In our UMILES blog we leave you a list of the 5 best mini drones with camera.

Elimination of “jello” effect

Jello effect, or image distortion caused by vibrations during flight, is a common problem with budget drones. To fix it, you can balance the propellers, install vibration dampers on the camera, or adjust the flight settings to minimise jitter.

Aumentar el rango de la cámara

Propeller adjustment

Propeller design can also influence the performance and stability of the drone. Consider experimenting with different propeller shapes and materials to find the optimal combination that suits your drone and flying style.

In our dedicated article we explain how to replace a drone’s propellers step-by-step, so you can make the replacement without affecting the performance of the device.

Improve cooling

Overheating is another common problem with drones, especially during long flights or in hot climates. You can improve the cooling of the drone by installing additional fans or modifying the case to improve airflow.

Engine replacement

Motors are one of the most important parts of the drone and can significantly affect its performance. If you notice that your drone is experiencing power or stability problems, consider upgrading to higher quality, higher power models.

Protecting the gears

Finally, be sure to protect your drone’s internal gears and mechanisms from damage and premature wear. You can do this by installing propeller guards, protective housings or dampers to absorb impacts and bumps during flight.

By applying some of these tips, you can improve a cheap drone and optimise it for better flying results. However, it is always a good idea to evaluate the options available on the market, and to compare and compare which modifications are truly worthwhile.

There are excellent drones for beginners that offer great performance without having to make a large investment. Here is a list of drones under 250 grams that can be very useful to improve your performance as a drone pilot.

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