Professional Drone Pilot Course + Specialization Modules

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Train at the best school to enter one of the most high-profile sectors, and obtain all the certificates you need to become a professional drone pilot


Part-time attendance


Subject to student availability


Professional course

7 months

Specialisation modules

2 weeks


Morning or afternoon



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Why train with us?

UMILES University is an organisation recognised by AESA to provide Standard Scenario Training for UAS Pilots, which also offers specialist training modules in each sector.

We have duly qualified instructors and examiners with years of drone experience.

Private aerodrome: this space enables us to carry out practical flying sessions every day.

Personalised practical flying sessions: all flying hours are with an individual instructor, and will not be performed in groups. This enables you to make the very most of your hours of training.

In-house material: all the material used during practical flying sessions is provided directly by UMILES Technologies

Specialization modules for Drone Pilots

In order to fly a drone you must have a minimum of accreditable training depending on the operational category […]

It represents a compulsory certification for those drone pilots who wish to coordinate operations in […]

Our SEM course, designed by the UMILES Global Solutions branch, is designed to provide the student a mastery in[…]

As environmental awareness increases, there is a growing concern about the ecological consequences of the massive […]
This course is designed to enable the student to obtain professional skills in the industrial sector through […]
The application of unmanned aircraft is very useful in the industrial energy sector, already being applied […]
The advanced mechanics course is designed to obtain all the essential knowledge and skills to be able to […]
The CEA is specially designed for those who are searching to offer services of a professional nature in the […]

About UMILES Group

Established in 2016, UMILES is a provider of unmanned aircraft services, the core business of which includes drone operations, as well as manufacturing, entertainment, sales, maintenance, training, technical consulting, and commercial services.

Its six business lines offer bespoke 360° services both nationally and internationally. Focused on operational quality and service excellence through innovative solutions, it develops and manufactures its own drones for in-house supply and for third parties.

UMILES also owns the executive aviation company 4uJet, which offers short- and medium-haul services for passenger transport and organ transport for transplants.

The combination of the two worlds along with the entry of a new player, Tecnalia, as a technology partner has enabled them to take a step further in boosting urban mobility through the development of the UMILES Next Mobility area.


The drone market will grow rapidly in the coming years *Consutora Droneii


Increasing demand in the drone sector in the coming years

+80% recruitments

Students trained at UMILES university find work within the first 6 months


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