Want to become a Drone Assembly and Maintenance professional?

Professional Drone Assembly and Maintenance Course

Find out about our in-person advanced drone mechanics course in Madrid to obtain all the essential knowledge and skills to build, repair, calibrate and configure a drone.

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    Course 8

    From 17 April to 14 May.

    Course 9

    From 03 July to 30 July.

    Course 10

    From 23 October to 19 November.

    The most comprehensive and practical drone mechanics course

    Find out about all the drone components from a professional perspective, thanks to this course in which you will learn how to assemble and maintain a large drone for professional activities, providing you with all the skills to handle the components of all types of drone.

    We also offer a comprehensive experience, where you can not only learn everything about assembly but also verify the quality of the work completed:

    • 80 hours of practical and theoretical training.
    • Classes with professional experts in drone mechanics, assembly and repair.
    • Classrooms equipped with all the tools and components required for drone assembly.
    • Frequent drone maintenance techniques.
    • Practical sessions involving actual flights using the model assembled by the students on the course.
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    Become a drone pilot certified by UMILES University

    On completion of this aircraft and drone maintenance technician course, you will obtain the certificates issued by UMILES University that accredit you as a professional technician in drone assembly and maintenance, in line with AESA regulations.

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    If you prefer, you can join our comprehensive professional drone pilot course which includes this training module, as well as other specialisations related with drone handling and operations so that you can become a UAS flying professional.

    Want to work as a Drone Assembly and Maintenance professional? Call us on 91 113 89 88 and reserve your place now.

    Why choose UMILES University?

    As well as providing you with all the tools you need to receive comprehensive training as a technician in drone assembly and maintenance, UMILES University offers the support of comprehensive training with all of our signature benefits:

    • Organisation formed by experts with over 10 years of experience in drone flying.
    • AESA-certified organisation to teach practical classes for remote drone pilots.
    • Facilities fully equipped with all the materials, drones and professional tools to complete the theoretical and practical classes.
    • Own aerodrome located in Madrid to perform all test flights with drones, depending on the type of training.

    What do our students think?

    If you have any questions before entering our advanced mechanics and drone maintenance course, check out the reviews of students who have received training from the team of professionals at UMILES University.

    Course content and organisation of the drone pilot course

    Given its nature, this drone repair course is taught entirely in person in Madrid and is almost entirely structured around practical sessions, although it also covers a significant number of theoretical notions for an understanding of the basic principles of the operation of drones and their components.

    This course lasts for 80 hours spread over 20 days. The entire program is completed in 4 weeks, including both theoretical and practical classes.

    The goal of this course is for students to obtain all the knowledge and skills required to work professionally as an advanced drone mechanics technician. Therefore, at the end of the course, students must be able to:

    • Assemble drones based on the installation of each of their components.
    • Repair and calibrate the drone in the event of damage.
    • Configure a drone according to the type of activity to be performed.
    • Operation of electric motors.
    • Technical knowledge of drone structure and fuselage.
    • Speed controllers.
    • Knowledge of the operation of components such as propellers and variators.
    • GPS systems.
    • Programming basics.
    • Calculation of components according to autonomy.
    • UAS auxiliary, assistance, and extra systems.
    • Choice of components for assembly.
    • Chassis, options and types.
    • ¬†
    • Bench test of components.
    • Mechanical adjustment of components.
    • Design, installation and adjustment of the electronic part.
    • Complete system assembly.
    • Structural adjustments.
    • Pre-flight inspection.
    • Test flight and gain adjustments.
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    Do you have any questions about our course? Check out this list of FAQs, where we answer the most frequent questions.

    UMILES University offers the option of taking this drone assembly and maintenance course for ‚ā¨1,999. However, remember that you can enter our drone pilot course if you want more comprehensive training that covers this and all drone-related fields and certificates.

    Some drone operating activities do not require a specific license. However, depending on the case and the type of flight to be made by the drone, there are specific requirements that are demanded by the AESA. Call us on 91 113 89 88 and we will clear up any queries you may have.

    The drone assembly and maintenance course lasts 80 hours, spread over 20 days.

    In fact, all you have to do is attend this repair course with the desire to learn, as UMILES University has classrooms equipped with all the necessary components for you to assemble a drone.

    Finally, you can perform tests using the same UAV that has been assembled and configured during the course, so you don’t need your own drone to complete the course.

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