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Become a professional in handling First Person View drones with our FPV drone course, and learn how to master the art of flying and filming that this type of drone can offer.

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    If you want to learn first-hand how to pilot drones professionally, this course is for you. Don’t miss the chance to specialise with the support of qualified experts, where you can also obtain an approved certificate upon completion of the course. Start now and don’t miss this chance.

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    From August 28th to September 8th.
    Timetable from 16:30 – 20:30 h.

    Learn how to fly FPV drones with us

    The most comprehensive, practical FPV drone pilot course, and with free FPV equipment

    At UMILES, we not only offer high quality training to become a FPV pilot but we also have the most comprehensive option in the Spanish market, as we offer the classes and a series of items that are indicated below:

    • 20 hours of theoretical training.
    • 20 hours of real practical sessions.
    • Components required for assembly of a Cinewhoop FPV Drone.
    • Free FPV equipment, including an indoor drone, FPV Goggles and Transmitter.
    • Virtual simulator classes for training practice.
    • Real flight with drone assembled by the student during the course.
    • 2 days of piloting with Spanish drone-racing champion Ivan Merino, a specialist in aerial acrobatics and a world benchmark in FPV.
    • At the end of the course, you will keep racing drone you assembled, the indoor drone, and the rest of the free FPV equipment.
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    Become an FPV drone pilot

    All our courses are AESA- approved and we are qualified as a recognised organisation to provide practical training for new drone pilots in line with the standards of current drone regulations.

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    Drone pilots are increasingly in demand in sectors such as real estate or films, as is already the case in more advanced markets such as that of the United States. This personalised course has been created to train pilots in this race of the future.

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    Want to work as a FPV drone pilot? Call us on 91 113 89 88 and reserve your place now.

    Why choose UMILES University?

    If you are looking for an FPV drone course that can offer comprehensive training that contains a theoretical part and a practical part in different scenarios, with the greatest experts and professionals in the sector, then you have come to the right place.

    Our FPV drone pilot course offers you the chance to learn how to operate real drones in controlled environments, with all the tools you need for a unique experience.

    What do our students think?

    Read about the experiences of students who have already received the training we offer at UMILES University.

    Course content and organisation of the FPV drone pilot course

    Through this course, you will not only learn how to become an FPV drone pilot but we also include a number of resources so that you have everything you need to become an expert in this type of UAV and work correctly in the assembly, mechanics and piloting of FPV drones.

    During the course, you will receive everything you need to form your own FPV equipment, which is valued in over €500 and includes:

    • BetaFPV indoor drone.
    • FPV goggles.
    • Transmitter.
    • Components for assembling an Iflight Cinewhoop drone.

    All of these items will be yours, and you will not have to return them at the end of the course.

    This FPV drone pilot course is taught entirely in person and its structure is based on a theoretical module and a practical module. It also includes the assembly of a drone by the student, which will then be used for FPV drone racing practice sessions.

    It lasts for a total of 40 hours, spread over two weeks.

    Theoretical classes are taught in person in our classroom in Pozuelo de Alarcón, in Madrid. It consists of a total of 20 hrs. The training is carried out by Juan Masana, CEO of the Maxterdrone company, a company with which our UMILES University students can enjoy discounts on all their products.

    This module will reinforce the theoretical training on the assembly of a drone as well as its components.

    This consists of 20 hours of practical work, starting with a training stage in an FPV drone flight simulator, where students will learn how to master the techniques for operating this type of UAV.

    Also included is a real-flight part with the FPV drone that has been assembled by the student, in different scenarios:

    • Practical sessions in stabilised flight mode.
    • Practical sessions in acrobatic flight mode.
    • Flight in indoor areas.
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    Apply now for your place

    Want to become a FPV drone pilot and take advantage of the career opportunities the market has to offer? Don’t miss the chance to train as a true professional with UMILES University.

    Below are different ways for you to contact us so that we can provide you with information on the price of the FPV drone course.


    Please remember that you can contact us for assistance on 91 113 89 88. Below are some FAQs that may be of help to you.

    The specialist FPV drone pilot course costs €1,299 and includes both theoretical and practical classes, as well as a kit for the assembly of a cinewhoop drone, ideal for flying indoors and outdoors, and full FPV equipment (Indoor Drone + FPV Goggles + Transmitter), valued in more than €500.

    The types of certificates and/or licenses required to operate drones vary depending on the type of UAV and the conditions of the flight to be made. You should therefore ask about how to obtain a drone license, based on the classification of use and characteristics of the types of drone. Please call us on 91 113 89 88 if you have any questions and we will be happy to help you.

    This course lasts for 40 hours, which is divided into 20 hours of theoretical classes and 20 hours of practical classes with a simulator and in real environments. The entire process is completed within 2 weeks.

    You don’t need to own a drone to enter the course. At UMILES University, we will provide you with all the components to assemble your own racing and freestyle drone, as well as an indoor drone with its respective FPV equipment. All you have to do is attend the classes and you will be provided with everything you need to operate different drones.

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